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My Name is Alexandra, I use screen names PilGrim1987, PilGrim and Smumrik (once because PilGrim was used and Then I didn't have PilGrim1987). People call me Sasha, Shura (very rare, and I don't like this name)some people call me "Excuse me", "Can you help me" but it's usually those who do not know me.
My birth date is 20 June 1987, yes you got it numbers im my nickname are year of my birth. If you whant to know how old I am do not ask me, take calculator.
Currently I am human, girl, citizen of Russian Federation, student of grafic design, fan of Harry Potter, holder of this pages etc.
I'm interested in see above, skating, quests (Myst series are my favourite), and everything that normal people are intersted in.
If you want to write me, to ask something about these pages, to suggest something write me to this MAIL BOX
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